Kaja & Aurora


Today the 16th of August was Kaja’s 50th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

(she is a twin, therefore her brother and her are 50 haha!)

I wanted to create this post for sometime now, but never knew how to start it. I wanted to write a story about how I met these two and all the amazing things we have done together over the last five years… But I would have to start writing a book there has been so much!

I suppose the best place for me to start would be at the beginning briefly…

Let me take you back to September 2011. I had just moved into University halls, my heart was racing with excitement and nerves at this new and challenging chapter I decided to start in life. I knew literally no-one going to be at University with me and was terrified and worried that I wouldn’t fit in, or find my place. It later turned out, everyone worries about this, and everyone…I mean everyone – fits in!

I had previously spoken to a girl on Facebook who added me after finding out I was on the same course as her. Her name was Aurora. We chatted loads, and got on really well over Facebook and decided we should meet up in freshers week, as we would be living in the same halls. I walked into the hall office and saw two pretty, tall Scandinavian girls walk out together and I was sure one of them was Aurora. I was way too nervous to say anything, so went to my room and started to unpack and cover my walls in photos of my home-life and friends I had left behind.

After spending some time with my new flatmates and planning a block party that day, I decided to go out and explore on my own. I went to the sports bar (which was the place to hang out in first year – you could spy on all the good looking guys on sports teams, and it was right next to my halls. It was also full of so many people who spoke as posh as I do… I found my place haha). Anyway, I got a message from Aurora telling me she was here and that we should meet up! On the way back to my room I saw her and Kaja walk past again and this time I was not going to be intimidated by the pretty Norwegian girls and decided to introduce myself. ‘PHEW’ I thought, as Aurora replied that it was her and introduced me to Kaja. We decided to meet up in a few days (after the first week of freshers… which I don’t really remember – plus I ended up with food poisoning on day two which wasn’t ideal).

October 2011

We went to the park and sat amongst the trees in the beautiful hot sunshine, and I distinctly remember talking about how it was beautiful and we could have brought a picnic. All three of us clicked instantly and were giggling and taking selfies within minutes.

Here are a few of the photos of the first day we all properly spent time together and where our awesome friendship blossomed!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that initial awkward meeting things just felt into place and it was as if we had always known each other. In the picture below, Aurora decided it was better to just copy my homework rather than use it for notes. Her reason ‘I don’t understand what your answers are, so I’m just going to assume they’re right and copy them’… I believe we had dominos after this as well and watched the wrong movie for the next day… (which happened a lot, make sure you ALWAYS check the date and director of the film and don’t just search for the name of the film, we watched so many versions of the same film its unreal).

Aurora in my first university room, week one of University!

These are just a few photos of the first year we spent together experiencing new things…

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In these photos…

1. The girls first taste of Yorkshire Puddings

2. Drunken nights that are only proven by photos… One of these was a foam party that Kaja had to rescue me from!

3. trying the worlds most horrific sweet cheese… the only think I dislike about Norway.

4. Going to the Ministry of Sound thanks to the lovely Lish!

That is a VERY brief intro for everyone of how we met… Most of our time was spent either with beer, in parks, shopping or eating dinner together (usually cooked by Kaja…)

A few photos from now!

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These photos are fantastic as they show how we have grown together over the years and remained close still I love these two to bits, and I will move near to them one day to annoy them even more!

Håper du hadde en fantastisk bursdag Kaja ! Jeg ser deg begge veldig snart!



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