Life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we react to it…

Something funny came to me on my lunch break today at work and I just had to share it with everyone.

Our reactions are what make our life, not what happens to us. I thought of this when I saw a guy fumbling around with his wallet. He obliviously dropped a pound coin on the floor as I walked out of a shop close by. The coin spun, ready to stop still, until someone else claimed it as theirs… I picked it up. In that split moment I had two choices pop up in my mind, two ways to react.

‘I could keep it – he won’t care, or probably even notice, will he?’

and secondly…

‘I should run after him and give it back, let him know he dropped it’

What option would you go for? The guy was already half way down the busy London street, so I would have to run after him – but regardless I ran after him, tapped him on the shoulder and let him know he had dropped it. He looks genuinely thankful that I had run after him to give it back to him and continued to thank me.


What is funny is, I didn’t look at him in the eye. I couldn’t tell you who he was if stood him in front of me with five other people. I don’t know why, but when I do good things for people I don’t like it to be acknowledged, unless its a friend (then you better god-damn notice haha).

I went and sat down in the beautiful park opposite my office, opened my Cranberry Lemonade and just people watched and thought…

Green Park London
I realised, situations come to us. To challenge us, to make us think and work for something that could possibly be magical and magnificent. I know it might sound silly to many of you… I got all thi from a really simple act of what? kindness? Not really. That one act showed me what type of person I am, and I like that person.

Things in life are there to test us, whether we want them to or not. I have already started doing this a little since I moved to London. I find myself giggling behind my scarf at people stressing out over a 15 minute delay on the tube, (when in the countryside you’re lucky if you see transport at all) instead of stressing over something that is completely out of my control.

I have recently found myself in a lot of different situations that are out of my control and others that aren’t. Ironically, I am finding the ones out of my control very easy to deal with and am being pragmatic about them. 

Being so young at 25, and having experienced so much, I feel at times I see things clearer and deeper than a lot of people who have led very ordinary / sheltered lives. I’d say I am almost certain about what I want in life, I know it’s possible and therefore I choose to react positively and let things happen slowly and surely… I have all the time in the world to react to things, so why react instantly. I’m going to let things play out and see what gets thrown my way.

Just go with it… let the wind blow you in a thousand directions, and react with calmness and ease…

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