Evening stroll in the city

At around 08:40pm I decided I wanted to go out for a stroll around the local area and explore the places I hadn’t seen before that are a stones throw from my home. 

I left my phone on charge, grabbed my keys, jacket and put on my trainers and off I went! At first I had no idea where I was going, it was just good to be outside, technology free, able to go anywhere and not be disturbed. I started off walking towards Holland Park, which is where I usually end up on my typical strolls, but for some reason, I decided to take a detour and explore some of the pretty streets that I had not seen before. 

Kensington Gardens. One of the wealthiest streets in the United Kingdom. You are actually not allowed to take photos down here, and there is security at each end protecting the Russian Embassy. 
I crossed the road and found myself walking down some of the most beautiful streets I had ever seen. I had walked past this road a thousand times on my way to the park, but not once did I decide to stop and explore it. It was beautiful! Mansion after mansion, some of the prettiest houses I have ever seen – with front drives cleaner than my own bathroom floor! I stopped and peered through the shiny black gates of one particular house and noticed that they had a stretched Mercedes and a beautiful red and black lamborghini aventador, that might set you back about £700,000 if you’re lucky!

I carried on walking, in awe at the houses and amount of wealth I saw before me, wondering what exactly I would expire round the next turn. I must say, I was quiet humbled to discover a beautiful house with a gorgeous garden, completely covered in fairy lights! I smiled to myself and possibly giggled a little, as this is something I would do in a garden. I think it can be incredibly romantic and I will certainly have my little hide away like this one day.

How I would love to cuddle up here with that special someone and a puppy on a beautiful cool summers evening!
That is something about me that a lot of people struggle with. I am a complete romantic extrovert, a fairy tale lover and someone who really does believe in the magic of happiness and perfection!!

My best friend tells me a lot of the time that I should be more realistic about life and my future and to an extend, I do think she is right. On the other hand, I have the idea of what I want in my life and I will do all I can to ensure I get there, regardless of how impossible it might sound to some, nothing is to me. 

On the way back from my walk I noticed a little fury thing moving by the side of the road. Most people would probably run away scared or screaming but I walked over to it bend down and saw it was a very poorly looking rat. My first instinct would be to pick it up, cuddle it and nurse it back to health. My second which is where my best friends realistic notes come into play was to understand, or at least tell myself, it was a very old rat and its time had come to pass away. I sat with him a little while, and he looked up at me and rubbed his nose. I could tell he wasn’t scared and felt comfort from me being there with him. I know to many of you reading this will think I sound completely ridiculous, and shouldn’t have even bothered to give that little rat a second glance. That is just not who I am. I am a romantic, an animal lover and someone who always expects the best of a terrible situation. I have been called a Disney princess or more than one occasion and you don’t realise how difficult and unrealistic it is to be like that in our western society. 

Im glad to say that I will always be that person, who loves animals and dreams big and I will never let anyone convince me otherwise. 



 Well, as you can probably tell – I am home from my walk now. I just had to come in and write about everything I experienced with you! I gaurentee if I had my phone, I would have been an entirely different walk.

If anyone has a full-time job going as a fairy princess, or cuddling animals all day, can you please send me an email and I will send you my CV over (haha)!

rabbit cuddle


3 thoughts on “Evening stroll in the city

  1. Superb story Lucy, your qualities are welcome and admirable in what can sometimes be a harsh and unforgiving world. The world needs you and people like you, to show compassion , empathy, optimism and love the world universally.
    Light & Love


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