I wanted to dedicate a blog to some really special people in my life. My friends! Tomorrow I am having a party at my parents house to celebrate my 25th, and have people coming from all over the place to see me which I think is really special!

Livi and Rich! These guys are amazing! They love cats and have been really good friends of mine for a while now! I met them through one of my closest friends Chris Vardon, who I haven’t included a photo of in this blog, but he has been a great friend and I have known him since I was 12! Love you guys, and your love of kitty cats is so sweet!
I met these two crazy ones when we were studying in Oxford at Brookes. We met on the first day of University and haven’t looked back. There were many funny moments with us throughout the years, and we have stayed in touch since. We often visit each other between Norway and England, and we hope to go away together in the future. Last year, you could find us all drinking wine and giggling whilst we knitted at Kaja’s when it was snowing outside. My first experience of bubble tea was with these two! I am currently learning to speak Norwegian so I can understand them when they gossip about me in front of me haha ;)!
Giulia & Karolina… my crazy bubbly girls!
Me, Akos, Giulia, Szilvia and Karolina! We are all super good friends after a few of us have been living together in London for the last eight months! They all put up with my crazy antics and cleaning throughout the flat! We have so much fun together, I once filled someone’s bedroom entirely of balloons and made a path for someone else (Karolina) so she could only walk in certain parts of the flat. You will usually find the females of the house out in Holland Park chilling, or in fun bars and pubs around London!
Emma! Emma is one of my oldest friends! We used to go horse riding in free periods at school, and she is the girl who taught me to ride. On my first riding lesson with her I ended up half way across the countryside as Freddie, the pony I was riding, decided to run off as he liked wide open spaces. I also once had Emma’s pet pig Phoebe knock me over into mud, sit on me and start sucking my jacket… I spent the rest of the evening socialising at a BBQ covering in pig suck and mud! This is a photo of Emma and I in Kensington Palace earlier this year! Emma has just got engaged to one of my other friends Jonny! I can’t wait for their wedding, I’ve suggested they get a cow wedding cake as they own a farm. 
Christina and I are literally the same person… Only she is Norwegian and I am English. I met Christina after excitedly knocking on her door at university during freshers, asking her to come and party at my flat. I found out she was Norwegian and started to speak to her in Norwegian and she asked me if I was! YAY! She now says I am more Norwegian than her, as I get mistaken for being one of the Norwegian girls when we go out. (does this make me instantly sexy and attractive like the entire population of Norway?) A few months ago Christina took me to the premiere of Eddie the Eagle where I met my future husband Taron Egerton. We had at least three seconds of full-on eye contact, which means we’re now dating… right?
My future husband (he doesn’t know this yet)
connie me
Archie, Connie, Eddie, Me & Ole!
This photo was taken seven years ago. Jess & Connie are my two best friends and we do almost everything together. We all have extremely different personalities and backgrounds, you just probably wouldn’t have thought we would end up best friends! I love these two a hell of a lot, and they are super supportive and great when it comes to me doing weird and impulsive things (like moving jobs, or running off abroad). We have been friends since school and have really grown up a lot together (except Jess who just got her first house, she’s old). You might often find us all laughing at each other and insulting each other randomly… I have recently just started to watch GOT as they are really obsessed with it and I just didn’t really get the whole ‘nudity’ every second scene thing. I have been swayed to watch it as there are dragons and magical things in it that I think are cool so I will probably make a GOT blog at some point reviewing it after I finish the entire series.
andy nati
Andy came up to stay with me in Oxford during my masters year! This is a picture of him, Nathalie and I at Wagga, THE BEST PLACE EVER! That was an extremely fun weekend, one of which I suffered the worst hangovers of my life. Andy has been one of my best friends for almost ten years now, and is like a brother to me. Nathalie and I met at university and are completely crazy when we go out together, we have such a laugh and usually end up in hysterics giggling at each other or making new friends.


Well… Now you know a little bit more about my friends and life! There are so many more of you I haven’t written about, but don’t despair I still love you, and you are still amazing! X



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