Sloane Ranger anyone?

So this is just a quick update. about social status really!

At Christmas my mum got me a really cool book…


I’ve just moved to the city of lights and am living in such an affluent area, she thought it’d be funny to get me this book! The worrying thing is I saw a lot of myself in it and how it genuinely does really make a difference if you wear navy or black (I would suggest go for navy, it photos better unless you’re going for that dark and mysterious or Gothic look).

On another note, the reason I wanted to talk about Sloane Square was because I spent most of my day there today and got some really pretty photos on my phone that I have since, uploaded to Instagram.

Wild at Heart Sloane Square Florist!

I have finally caught the bug and taken the standard ‘florist in London’ photo for my Instagram profile. I couldn’t resist once I had walked past here and smelt the flowers, it was glorious!  I was very close to buying myself a bunch of scented roses or mini daffodils until I realised my room was already full of flowers back at the flat! The next thing I know I’m walking around the area looking in all the antique shops and trying desperately not to buy things which is when I had a little giggle to myself about the Sloane Rangers book my mum got me.

This image of myself reminded me a little of that book in a way, I just wanted to share it with you as it’s one of the images I am most proud of and at the same time find quite funny! It’s a self portrait I took a few years ago with my DSLR.

I took this on a DSLR Canon 550d and edited it in CS6 to give it that old-fashioned haze.

I took this image being inspired by the pre raphaelite images. It is representing my life style whilst also showing the world that I don’t care who I am or where I have come from I will treat you all the same, whilst also representing nature as that is where we all came from!

The differences?

Can you see there are a lot of differences between my DSLR images and my phone images? I find that I have a lot more time to spend over my DSLR images whereas with my phone I tend to just adjust, snap and go. It has given me two distinct styles of art in my images though which I am proud of. I still think that the DSLR is the better choice for me as that is what really shows off my passion and flare as a photographer.

Let me know what you all think and prefer to use!


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