William Morris

I don’t often talk to my friends much about my passions or things I love, because most of the time I think myself old fashioned or a bit strange! That’s why having a blog can be so useful, because this is my little world of creativity where I can post all the beautiful things I love in life!

William Morris, (for those of you who don’t know) was an English textiles, poet, novelist and social activist in the late 1800’s. His creativity and eye for design set him apart from others and he soon became associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement. 

William Morris, like me, LOVED colour! His work was always so creative and full of imagination and life.This is something that I always believe is very important when taking photos or drawing. My mind is very open and creative and I often look at something and can tell a story or describe it in a thousand words, which on more than one occasion has confused my friends and family at how I can do that!

A beautiful William Morris Design on a cushion!

My best friend Connie is always saying I have a house full of the most interesting trinkets but my room is always so well designed and unique.Well, in one respect she is right, I do have a lot of ‘stuff’, but to me it is stuff of beauty and worth (and I do keep it clean and tidy)!

William Morris once said ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’ and  that is exactly how I feel and think. Space and fresh air are extremely important to me so don’t for one second think that I am the type of person to hoard, because you would be wrong.

Here you can see a few examples of what my house is like inside and how I use my creativity and beautiful trinkets to decorate it in a magical and pretty way!

trinket 1
Decorated for Easter! I used Christmas candy canes too, which I think go really well actually!
This is a beautiful tin that my Grandmother gave me for Christmas. I simply LOVE it! It is a busy colourful expression of nature!
Christmas! Owl stockings!
I can’t help but laugh every time I see this! We have it in the garden at home looking up at one of our guest bedrooms… Haha!


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