Easter, food photography.

75545_984312911656992_667154162251847745_nI am super excited for Easter this year! I have already started getting creative in the kitchen and baked some cute little cupcakes and fairy cakes.

I am a huge fan of baking as everyone who knows me will tell you! If I have had a long or stressful day, you will usually find me standing over a mixing bowl covered in flour. I honestly find it one of the most relaxing things, and at the moment, my house is full of lots of yummy treats!

Taking photos of food for Instagram has become some what of a fashion sensation over the last year or so. Many people struggle and find it hard to get the perfect photo, often posting images which are blurred, over exposed or simply just not doing their hard work in the kitchen justice.

Top Tip:

If you are going to post an image of food try to take the photo during the day. Natural light is one of the biggest compliments you can give your food, for some reason I have always found other types of lighting most of us have in our house far too harsh, and it ends up making the food look funny.

If you are out for cocktails and really have the urge to post a photo, but don’t want it to look ‘awful’ I would just suggest trying to use settings on the camera to the best of your advantage. Most new smart phones now have an auto light level adjuster which has saved my life on a few occasions when I’ve been out for drinks and been asked to capture a moment. Don’t be scared to use your phone camera. I would be surprised if you break it, and it’s super easy to re-set!


The above was actually my first attempt at making raspberry ripple meringues. I was so pleased with the outcome! To give the food depth  and make it stand out I opted for a pretty Victorian bowl to help frame the meringues, placed them in a really good area of the house for natural light and hey presto!

Below are a few images of different ‘foods’ I have done in the same way! Would be great to know what people think, and also see how you all get on too!


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