Free from taste you say?

Hi everyone!

My blogs have been a little different the last few weeks, featuring aspects of writing inspiration, pictures about my life as well as updates on my new job and everything which I quite like! It is moulding into a ‘Live a Little Lucy’ which was my radio show at uni for four years of my life and people seemed to enjoy that, so why not keep it up in blog form! 

Anyway, as a lot of you know I’ve had a nightmare with skin, weight loss/gain / ladies issues etc… over the last few years. More recently a really my stomach issues worsened which sent me to hospital. It seems everything is linked together! So yesterday I spent my day off work having needles jabbed in my arms (32 to be exact), blood taken and samples done to figure out what it could be. 

 What can you do?

To help combat this issue my gastroenterologist and endocrinologist have had a meeting and think it could be down to foods I eat causing my hormones to party like it’s the first night of freshers week (which isn’t a good thing). 

I’m now on a diet that restricts me hugely, preventing me from eating dairy, soya, wheat and gluten. I’m vegetarian which again limits what I can and can’t eat again meaning I’m left with only a few main items.

As you can see it’s easier to say what I can eat instead of what I can’t eat, I’m even off rice! The hope is that this diet will clean out my body of refined sugars and ‘crap’ that I’ve pumped it with (bread, lactosefree cheese and cookies) and fill it with healthy things instead. 

I’m on day two now and feel exhausted still, hungry and sick but I’m hoping that as it goes on this will subside. 

In all honesty we forget about our bodies and insides as we don’t often seen them.

Our bodies are incredibly delicate at times and we should treat them better as a nation. For lunch today I’ve had carrots, tomato, mushrooms (all raw) and an apple and orange which has made me feel a little better. I’m going to keep updating my blog every so often about this and recipes I’ve come up with. I suspect after a few weeks of detox I’ll see a change in myself, but right now it’s tough and I need to clear all the toxic crap from my body by doing this plant based diet and I hope I continue it forever.


Changing the view of Antiques

This is a short blog to help quick start ideas about Antiques!

Why do people always think of antiques as being dusty, boring old objects? It’s a noun that is thrown about and used in many different ways to explain things we don’t like or want anymore, even used as an adjective to describe people. These are all negative connotations that need to change.

It shocks me that so many people I know just don’t understand antiques and would rather buy items new and often cheaply which sometimes works out being the more expensive option as it doesn’t last as long and it looses its value almost instantly. So, for those of you that don’t know, an antique is something old, historical and that possesses a reminder to the past. The item has to be over 100 years old to be deemed a real antique, so every year that passes an item gets closer to becoming an antique.

Over the last few years I have started to notice that the antiques industry is loosing a lot of interest which makes it a great time to invest and also a great time for me to make it ‘cool’ again!

To get everyone started and acquainted with things I would suggest you take a look at an antiques website. There are thousands of types of antiques, some are Scandinavian, others French, British, Asian and tribal, the list really does go on. The website above will take you to one of the finest antiques stores available online, the company ‘Antique Secrets’ has a huge eclectic mix that will not only teach you something, but show you the diversity and anthropological history associated with antiques!

My next blog is going to focus on where you can see antiques, so museums. I work in one of the worlds largest and most famous museums which is rammed pack with some of the most expensive and beautiful antiques known, The Victoria and Albert Museum. My next blog is going to focus on some of the wonders of this museum and teach you how you can find your own antiques!



Lucy’s smart casual autumnal wear!

It’s always that age old question that everyone wants an answer to… What do you wear to work and what do you wear at home? What do you wear to a wedding, a party or out for dinner with family / friends? It’s quite obviously going to be different so why do we use this frustrating term of ‘smart casual’.

If you work in banking or a super corporate environment there’s an unwritten rule you should be suited and booted wearing a dress and heels or something equally as glamorous, but there’s no rule for people like me who work in a museum and are told ‘art casual’. What even is smart casual! I’m still unsure to this day after having heard that term flung about on party invites, weddings and all manor of palace, but it clearly means something different depending on where you go!

So, I’ve decided to put together my own ideas about what I would wear to events and why. I find myself gritting my teeth at the mention of ‘smart casual’. I’d much rather be told ‘smart OR casual’. There isn’t really an in between. Flip flops and suits just need to stop, it isn’t smart it’s casual and it’s quite frankly ridiculous! 

So enough with this I say! Here are my top tips and key ideas for dressing properly this autumn!


At work I find the best combo is going to be something a little more ‘schooly’. Working in a museum means I’m not expected to dress like a banker, but more like an academic. Because of this I’ve taken inspiration from my days in Oxford and come up with two alternative styles that are what I call ‘comfortably-smart’. You can wear them at work, yet still kick your shoes off when you’re home and jump under a blanket without feeling restricted. 

Out with friends 

This is similar to work in the sense of it should be comfortable. I don’t believe that we should ever wear clothes we don’t feel happy in, so throw them out if you own any!

It’s no secret that I LOVE leggings, but girls please remember they aren’t trousers…! 


I’m not even going to pretend I wear clothes at home! That would be a damn right lie! As soon as that front doors shut I’m in my pyjamas or what I term ‘lounge about’ clothes in a flash! My lounge clothes usually involve a sports bra oversized jumper and jersey bottoms, occasionally I will opt for a baggy oversized t shirt and dressing gown, but I’m always accompanying this with slippers or bedsocks!

All photos are from Pinterest and can be found on my boards if interested! X

Hamsters are the best pet

I have had hamsters ever since I can remember! 

I’m one of those people who needs a pet around! Since moving to London I’ve found one of the best escapes from the busy city is a cuddle with a dog, a stroll in the park playing fetch or sitting at home with my little Walter running over my shoulders or spinning in his ball. 

Living in a flat on the top floor of a London town house isn’t the most practical place to keep a dog, especially since I don’t have a balcony in my current flat! It’s just that little bit too small for a house cat, and quite frankly I’m not home often enough to give one the attention it needs. 

Spending time with dogs is proven to be beneficial for stress, relaxation and fun! They’re a great companion for those of us who like to vent or talk without someone replying, just listening. The best thing is you get a cuddle regardless of your mood so if you’ve got the space and time I’d say get a dog!

For me, Walter is like a mini dog who doesn’t need waking (unless you count his ball). He cuddles, protests when I kiss him and comes up to the front of his house whenever I have food, pretty dog like eh? The best thing is, I can go away for a night (or two at a push), and he’s completely fine being left alone! Any longer and I carry him in his travel bag…

When I’m st work, I’m safe in the knowledge that my flat isn’t being destroyed, his fast asleep except for the occasional drink or nibble and he’ll poke his head out his little house as soon as I get home to say hello! 

Walter, unlike my previous little friend Humphrey, isn’t particularly clever. He needs a bit more supervision as Humphrey was unusually smart and would just sit on my knee or go to sleep under my chin. He’d also never try to jump off the sofa, but Walter has a bit more adventure in him and would rather find out how dusty the underneath of my sofa is than cuddle. On the other hand, he likes to sit in my apron and watch me cook, occasionally trying to jump into the cooking and eat it himself, but he’s very fun and keeps me happy when I get home from a busy workday.

If you’re stressed and fancy a laugh just give a hamster a Brazil nut and watch them carry it with their head up, or put it in their pouch! It’s brilliant.

Another perk is weekends and evenings, I don’t have to feel completely alone or anti-social… I have someone (a hamster yes…) to talk too, if Jon isn’t home. Or failing that, if he’s sleeping, I can always annoy my neighbour Polly. 

These are the perks of having a hamster! They’re fun, cuddly and little as well as being self sufficient for the most part. So all in all, if you love animals like me and don’t have space for a dog – get a hamster, you can rescue them or adopt them from most pet stores.

A dash of Autumn  

It’s almost October 2017, I’m sat in my little London flat watching doctor who on a Sunday evening with my lovely blanket, boyfriend and a cosy cup of tea!

Lots has happened over the last few months, and I mean a lot! I’ve been to new places, met new people, got a brilliant job, made new friends and been happier than ever.

Having made changes in life for the better and finally started to voice my opinion instead of sitting quietly asking others advice and never actually making any changes, I’ve found things working a lot better and happier for me. The best advice I could give anyone reading this is to change or say something when you feel the need too. Don’t be scared to move on in life, change your job, move house or make new friends, or rekindle old ones.

This Autumn add a dash of magic to your life and make that change! 

With the changing of the season… 

My little brother (whom I will always refer to as little, since I will never accept the fact he’s a grown man) often tells me I change my mind on things quicker than my dogs come to the sound of a rustling treat packet! 

It’s been a long time since I posted anythinf as I’ve been so busy with my new museum job! The truth is this post has come about as my Mum (good old mum) told me she missed my blogs, which I postponed as I didn’t know what useful content to post about! I think the main thing I’ve always wanted to do is fee useful. Help people, work for a charity or do something for the benefit of society / nature.

I’m now in a situation where I can sit back and relax knowing what I actually do and don’t want out of life! I work for a beautiful museum and I am so excited to see where this new path takes me! I’m planning to read so much more, blog about history writing and life at the museum and start myself a lifestyle blog for the real women of their 20’s. We can’t all be the Deliciously Ella’s of the world, no matter how hard we try. So what I propose is we eat our cake, read a book, sip on our chai and occasionally dabble in yoga and the odd green fruit jucie. That’s how I maintain a healthy lifestyle and that’s what makes me happy.

Let me know your thoughts on it. I’d love to have some input from fellow bloggers and lovers of life! Thanks everyone x

6am Saturday morning 

I was up bright and early this morning ready to start the day (in actual fact I just needed a pee and decided to stay up)! 

Leaving Jon asleep I popped out to Tesco and got us some yummy pastries and juice for breakfast. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was this morning. The sky was a deep ocean blue. That kind of blue you usually only see abroad or flying high up in a plane. 

When I got home I baked the pastries and poured the juice and made some tea. As the pastries began to fill the room with a sweet homely scent, Walter our little hamster got up sniffing the air and I watched as he checked every area of his house for treats, probably hoping I’d given in and left a croissant there for him. 

After breakfast I retreated to the sofa with a blanket and jasmine tea, feeling sleepy and relaxed as if I could happily sink into a fluffy world of pillows and warmth just to fall asleep again. I wonder what you did this morning? What everyone else is doing. I walked past a few people on my way to Tesco and wondered where they were going, maybe they got up just as early as I did and were doing the exact same thing! I even saw some girls dressed up as comicbook characters, noticing all the effort they had gone too and how little I had since I’d basically changed into my gym kit grabbed a pashmina and gone out!